Monday, 24 January 2011

Work in Progress for January

mixed media & collage on canvas

I am so sorry not to have posted for such a long time.  Christmas and the infections of the season got in the way.   But it's back to work now and on with a plan for 2011.  

In as much, as one can plan for anything, I intend to let printmaking take a back seat this year and concentrate on painting again.  I did a bit of a swap over last year and experimented quite a bit with gelatin print, digital and collographs but by late 2010 I was itching to get messy and started to dig out some failed works to paint over.  Less stressful than staring at a white canvas and wondering where to throw the first blob of paint!

I  decided it was time to rejoin the artistic community and signed up for the local Visual Artist Network.  They have a nice exhibition space and I felt it really was about time I put myself out there more. 

I've also joined a photography group in attempt to improve my grasp of this weighty subject.  I really feel pretty hopeless about the most basic information required to take a decent shot.

And then there's the Latin to think about...New Year Resolutions and all that:)