Friday, 28 October 2011

Funny Old Life

It has been such a long time since I touched this blog or anything else to do with my art practice.  I was given a diagnosis of MS after having severe sight problems for months.  This seemed particularly cruel for anyone creative.

However, now that the dust has settled and I can see once more (a bit dodgy round the edges maybe), I am ready to pick up where I left off with a greater respect for myself, my health and going with the flow.  It certainly gives you a new perspective on life.

I am currently in Australia and picked up a sketch book and some crayons the other day to 'play' with whilst I am here and have gained inspiration from gallery visits and the beautiful landscape and colours.  For the first time in ages, I am looking forward to getting back into the studio and working.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Quiet Sunday

A quiet day in the studio after a leisurely start, coffee and a walk in the sunshine.   Played around with trying to transfer images using wundaweb and gave up after a frustrating couple of hours getting nowhere.  Will have to rethink that one.

The image here is one of a series using collaged material, acrylic paint and oil pastels - it's quite a long canvas and I have cropped the centre for the blog.  Enjoyable experimental stuff really.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

in the absence of feeling

Unbelievably, here we are wending our way through March.  Despite the fact that I have been largely absent from blogging, I am busy painting which was my main focus for 2011.  A week away with the laptop for company and I have been catching up with digital imagery,  playing with Photoshop and trying to gather a photo collection to use in my artwork.  This little image came from gazing out of a window and not being able to recall feelings that I'd had about a situation.

I notice that many of the blogs I follow are having a quiet time, so hopefully we are all enjoying a period of high productivity or complete relaxation.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Most Useful

The Telegraph Saturday Review had a really useful list today of online archives - here are a few of them and a bit of blurb taken from the article.  - for the most comprehensive modern archive by a single institution to date. - Van Gogh's 902 letters - £450 for the new Thames & Hudson book - or free to view at this site. - 15 million publications - I just checked out the complete collection of Life magazine - worth a look at the front covers dating back to the 1950's. - By 2016 all public domain masterpieces in Europe  should be accessible through this site.  It currently has 15 million to view. - Tokens; mainly a tiny piece of fabric, left by mothers to identify babies left at the Foundling Hospital between 1741 and 1760.  Heart-rending.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Work in Progress for January

mixed media & collage on canvas

I am so sorry not to have posted for such a long time.  Christmas and the infections of the season got in the way.   But it's back to work now and on with a plan for 2011.  

In as much, as one can plan for anything, I intend to let printmaking take a back seat this year and concentrate on painting again.  I did a bit of a swap over last year and experimented quite a bit with gelatin print, digital and collographs but by late 2010 I was itching to get messy and started to dig out some failed works to paint over.  Less stressful than staring at a white canvas and wondering where to throw the first blob of paint!

I  decided it was time to rejoin the artistic community and signed up for the local Visual Artist Network.  They have a nice exhibition space and I felt it really was about time I put myself out there more. 

I've also joined a photography group in attempt to improve my grasp of this weighty subject.  I really feel pretty hopeless about the most basic information required to take a decent shot.

And then there's the Latin to think about...New Year Resolutions and all that:)