Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Textile Art

It's been a while since I posted but that doesn't mean I haven't been making art. I have been both painting and printmaking.

However, during the summer I decided that I needed a change of direction and scanned the horizon for something that would give me a new way of thinking.  It's difficult to maintain focus after you leave an academic/artistic environment and that has been the case increasingly for me since I left the city and moved to a rural environment.  I don't think it's lack of inspiration but rather finding a focus and a reason for producing work that is the problem.  I am constantly inspired and full of ideas just lack the impetus at times.

It's the oddest thing but several art friends seem to have reached this stage at the same time, so perhaps every ten years or so it is time to spin the wheel. 

So, I decided start a Textile Art course with the OCA so you will be able to catch me over at the associated blog

Sunday, 24 June 2012

What happened here?

I turn my back for a few months and everything on the blogger interface has changed.  I am sure I'll get used to it...

I have been working away this year with a determination towards exhibiting. Today I was about to enter some work for a printmakers exhibition and was so put off by the commission charge of 52% + entry fee that I gave up.  Even if you want to sell work at a reasonable price by the time you add this it becomes prohibitive.  I really don't want to be adding that kind of fee.  It makes it expensive for buyers and not worth the effort for the artist.

Still developing a working practice for gelatin prints.  It's such an interesting medium that I keep returning to. This little image is called 'bye bye birdy'.  It's about children leaving home.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

From The Little Shed at Foggy Bottom

Talking with a friend today about exhibiting work and marketing opportunities and trying to come up with a suitable name for my little space, we came up with The Little Shed at Foggy Bottom.   Before I moved to the Shire I worked from the Little Gallery on Main Street, which really did not fit at all well living up a dirt track, under the woodland.

This is a pretty rotten image of a gelatin print I have been working up as a series.  I have been test driving a new digital camera to see how it stacks up against my DSLR - not good. Being lazy!