Sunday, 29 March 2009

Voyage Round My Camera

I cast a wry eye on this family of signs - they looked like father and son defending what looked like a mound of sand. Why two signs? What does the new sign say? If you've taken the trouble to buy a new sign and peg it to wood, why didn't you take the old one away?


George D said...

Jacky, I enjoy hearing of your current endeavors in the world of art, and especially your musings about art in our world. This takes me back to your sharing a piece called "Is there too much art?". Not to get too philospophical (we would need some time over a pint to do that justice), I found the article a bit self-serving for those interested in a market. Call it the "Pull up the ladder approach". While that seems obvious, maybe not so to the author. Let's rather talk about the fulfillment to the audience, and the artist, for art whether it be a formal showing, a few friends, or oneself. Then we can discuss how art imposes itself into unknown areas of the human psyche. In the absence of an absolute understanding of how the brain works "more art" is actually better, especially by a learned practitioner. A bit of skill, insight, emotion, and chance might produce another Munch (The Scream). George

This Artist's Place said...

Hi George, I think what struck a chord when I read the article was the number of people I know who have been through the art education system and are left to flounder on degree courses and felt unprepared for the realities of working life as a self-employed, self-promoting artist.

As I said, I do believe that art in its widest context is life-enhancing but it is not easy to make a living and there are so many people who do have skill, insight and emotion but never get a chance to shine and there's the pity.

Good to hear from you George and nice to know you are still keeping in touch with the blog. Jacky