Saturday, 22 May 2010

Fine weather and gel prints

I took refuge in the studio today, away from the heat and got down to the business of making art and a bit of a Spring clear out too - well not so much a clear out, more a shuffle.  You know the kind of thing - anything to avoid starting!  It's the first really warm weather we have had but I'm happier in the shade.  Off to London tomorrow for a couple of days and hopefully some gallery viewing.  After that I hope to have some more time in the studio and develop ideas that have been brewing since Australia.  And more time for this poor neglected blog.

The image here is one of 15 small prints (10cm x 10cm) I began in February - I wanted something very simple to give an impression of looking closely at tiny seed heads in the undergrowth.  I am now manipulating the images using GIMP or Adobe to see if I have sufficient for another Artist's book.

Went to collect some slumped glass from the previous week's session - it had not survived the firing and had shattered.  Tried another batch with fingers crossed.

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