Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Autobiographia Boxes - continued

box, gelatin print, layered acetates, pebble, silver wire, pearl
temporary home on studio shelf with graffiti fish
It's been a busy few weeks - family visits and dealing with the high summer crops of fruit and vegetables from the kitchen garden.  The studio has, as ever, taken a back seat, but I have been popping in and out when I can to continue with the Autobiographia boxes.

This box refers to childhood summers spent in Suffolk.  I was put on the train alone in Liverpool and travelled to London under the care of the guard and had taxi fare to change stations for the Saxmundham train, where my aunt would meet me and then 6 glorious weeks of freedom and a bicycle to roam seashore, marsh and countryside around Aldeburgh.  I was 11 when I first went on my own and although it is unthinkable these days, I am sure it accounts for my independence and lifelong lust for travel.

The quote comes from a biography of George Crabbe, poet of Aldeburgh born 1754.  His children thought that on his death, "...he would fade into the sea mist and disappear before our eyes."  The pebble came from that beach and I love the hole in it that has been worn away over the centuries.

A small homage to a place that will remain forever in my heart and a time when life seemed simple.

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