Saturday, 5 February 2011

Most Useful

The Telegraph Saturday Review had a really useful list today of online archives - here are a few of them and a bit of blurb taken from the article.  - for the most comprehensive modern archive by a single institution to date. - Van Gogh's 902 letters - £450 for the new Thames & Hudson book - or free to view at this site. - 15 million publications - I just checked out the complete collection of Life magazine - worth a look at the front covers dating back to the 1950's. - By 2016 all public domain masterpieces in Europe  should be accessible through this site.  It currently has 15 million to view. - Tokens; mainly a tiny piece of fabric, left by mothers to identify babies left at the Foundling Hospital between 1741 and 1760.  Heart-rending.

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