Sunday, 6 July 2014

Is it really 20 months?

Interior scroll


Sundays are a good day for reviewing where one is up to and it is such a long time since I blogged here.  Do I start a new blog or resurrect this one?  I am quite fond of this old thing and it has been with me for a few years now, so maybe it just needs a little housekeeping and tinkering around the edges.

Having finished the first OCA Textile course (which required a separate blog - wordpress) and received feedback from my lovely tutor, it is time to take stock and decide what to do with the vast amount of information I have gathered over the last 20 months.  I certainly wanted a new direction but had no idea that textile art encompassed so many areas.  I took my printmaking knowledge with me and used it to produce the little piece of work above but added to it new details in stitch and a woven the backing.  There are so many areas that I now want to explore before I begin another course, even the little scroll has so many ideas attached to it for future work.

It has been a fascinating journey and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I am not sure it has taken me to a medium that I want to focus on to the exclusion of everything else but rather opened up other possibilities.  I like being a maker and picking up whatever works for me in expressing an idea and the course has given me so many more tools to play with and a lot more confidence.

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