Saturday, 10 January 2009

Fabulous New Work

I wish!...there was an inch of ice on top of a bowl of water left in the studio during the week. After attempts to heat it up and several layers of additional woollies, I managed a couple of hours in there before I gave up for the log fire - so no fabulous new work today.

I have started experimenting with the images that are accumulating for 'A sense of Place' - to mix using Adobe Photoshop - printing them out onto various supports and adding paint to see what - if anything came up as a 'good idea'. I have become quite fond of this little image and it prints out quite well. Some were disappointing when printed when they look great on screen. Lots of recycling for other projects - again.

And then I thought I might change the blogsite around a bit - huge mistake - it was not happy. The header image that I thought was a bit too large vanished and refused to re-load nicely and we had this big row. It is back but something is not right, I will let it have the last word for the evening - I give in.

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