Saturday, 17 October 2009

Gelatin Print VI

Really struggled today with printing second colours and ruined some really nice images from yesterday. Salvaged these two circles and manipulated the bottom one digitally to see if I could enhance the birds. The original was quite ghostly but I liked the composition and didn't want to lose it by doing another horrendous overprint! So I'll keep it in the digital library. I am still clueless about file format for the web and the bottom image looks very pixelated when enlarged - sorry!

Once the circle started to crack I cut a square out of it and turned it over to get a bit more use out of the plate and got about 20 small experimental prints out of it. And I have just about run out of paper.


aine scannell said...

Jacky - inspired by these gelatin monoprints. I was just thinking (and it depends what kind of paper these are printed on?) that you could, if you wanted do trace monotype onto these prints.


This Artist's Place said...

Thanks Aine for the comments. Have been experimenting like mad and am starting to get better results now. Tried trace monoprint but 130g cartridge is prob a bit heavy. Also had some nice text transfer (newsprint hand rubbed onto gel) in one bird image but managed to overprint badly and lost it and was unable to reproduce the effect:( - will keep trying as it looked good!

Also trying inkjet transfers but getting mixed results with that. Read somewhere that Epson are the best inkjet printers for transfer purposes - and I have a Brother.

Again - just trial and error I guess.