Saturday, 30 January 2010


Experimented today with some 'failed' prints combined with collaged material and chine colle. I tore the epitaph from somewhere weeks ago and of course, now have no idea at all where it came from but never mind, I am more concerned with using the various elements together to see what happens.

I don't really want to start anything new in the next few weeks - so just being playful with odds and ends already hanging around the studio table.

(Just remembered the torn page came from Gray's Elegy written in an English Churchyard - I am glad about that, it would have driven me batty for the rest of the evening).


aine scannell said...

Hello Jacqueline

I like the collage of the prints and bits n pieces -- I have been doing something a bit similar. Some print backgrounds that I added some chine colle to, which NOW need a little something further. So will have to (in fact I am) making small relief print elements to hopefully finalize them.
Also like you got hold of some gelatin to try that technique after being inspired by the Gelatin Queen's video (can't think of her name now)

Be sure and look after your back and don't end up like me, not very mobile and in pain.

Still I am able, just about, to keep going with my printmaking other wise I would be utterly miserable.


This Artist's Place said...

Hi Aine, Sorry to hear you are having back problems too - it makes it difficult to work when you are in pain. I am improving by the day - after 3 months of frustration, I am beginning to feel almost normal!

I am working when I can and trying not to overdo things - like you, feel miserable when I can't do something creative.