Monday, 8 February 2010

Artist's Book

Bitterly cold day outside and not much better in the studio today. I needed to do a tidy out before I go to Australia at the end of the month and I wanted to spend some time working on the prints I began a little while ago with the intention of making an artist's book. (I think I posted them under 'Birds on a Wire' as a working title but think that will change).

Over the weekend I trimmed the pages and worked knots into them with some very old embroidery thread - and I do mean old. They came from some my mother had during WWII. And today I looked at some ideas for a cover - the best option at the moment is the simplest one of the stencilled bird but will look at other angles tomorrow.

I am increasingly interested in the the link between women in families and their complexities. The birds have come to represent my youngest daughter leaving home and the threads represent the continuation within this family group.


Printed Material said...

It will be fascinating to watch this book evolve! Lesley

Melody Knight Leary said...

I look forward to seeing how your book comes out. I too use bird images as metaphors for life experiences and also did a piece based on my daughter 'leaving the nest'. If you're interested you can see it here. s

Love your work.

This Artist's Place said...

Lesley and Melody - Thank you so much for taking the time to comment - it's encouraging!

Lesley, I laughed at the photo of the 1955 ante-natal class on your blog. Will check out the Wellcome Foundation.

Melody I am not able to access the link - I get as far as a username and password screen and a message telling me that I need an invitation to join. I would love to see the piece you did.

I just had a look at your site and noticed that you are using stitch - Bound is a lovely piece of work.