Saturday, 13 February 2010

Madding Crowd

Just about finished the Artist's book using the gelatin prints of birds that I made back in October. I use the word finished loosely as I am not happy with several aspects of the piece, so this will probably be the prototype for something else. I spray painted the covers and found that pushing an awl through for the holes disturbed the paint - trying to rectify this with a paintbrush left rather obvious blobs on the surface. So lessons learned for the next one.

I have used Japanese stab binding.

The other piece is experimental, using an old gelatin print with some collage and chine
colle. The text is taken from Gray's Elegy - there's not too much left of this little book! I am currently going through the portfolio to see what I can re-use with more layers.

Oh! the studio that was tidy two days ago is chaos once more.


Printed Material said...

I think the collage is excellent. The whole thing just hang together so well. I really must try this gelatin printing!

This Artist's Place said...

Thank you for yr feedback. Yes, I think it is worth trying as a low-tech method that people can use at home or in conjunction with other printmaking.