Friday, 11 December 2009

December and the Creative Wilderness

Its been a very quiet time creatively. Apparently, I have done something nasty to a disc in my back and its taking ages to heal. I was in the studio for the first time in a while yesterday sorting some things out and trying not to cause myself any further bother!

I have been playing around with some bleach lift on fabric - because it has been the only thing I could manage in the kitchen and I have made up some gelatin plates today, in the hope that I can get some printing done before Christmas stops everything in its tracks.

Not the end of the world but frustrating nontheless.


Linda Germain said...

I hope you heal quickly and hav lots of time to print.

This Artist's Place said...

I appreciate your kind thoughts Linda. Progress is very slow but pleased to be in the studio again, if only for a limited time and delighted to be printing in a small way.