Saturday, 15 November 2008

Biographical Bit

A bit of background might be useful here to introduce myself. I was born in Liverpool when I was very young but escaped early to take a gap year or 30. Marriage, divorce, children, travel, work - not in any particular order. I then decided I was mature enough to go to Art College and having had a passing interest in art which was overlooked for Latin during my formative years, it was time to introduce myself to some smart tutors. They of course would recognise my latent genius and I would be propelled to fame and fortune.

However, as is the way of the world. I had trouble tapping into this talent and the tutors had trouble spotting it too - I am still awaiting rich rewards and accolades.

After college , it seemed a 'good idea' to set up in a studio, which I did back in Liverpool. This proved my lunacy, as it was nowhere near my home and the exhaustion induced by travel was an excellent excuse for not producing my major work. I did however, meet some interesting people on the way and I am very grateful to those who have helped me progress. If you don't like my work, I can always say it was their fault for encouraging me.

After many distractions - as many as I could find, I did produce work which people wanted to buy and galleries wanted to sell. Yes, I thought it was amazing too. And then just when it was all going well, I thought it was time to try rural living and move to a house that would offer studio space at home. Staying during Capital of Culture 2008 would have been too easy and I have never been one to shy away from the difficult option.

So after a year of the rural idyll and preparing my little shed - I can produce work of the same calibre as the vast converted Victorian warehouse studio space in Liverpool - it's just much smaller scale. What next? I tried a couple of art classes/workshops and then a friend mentioned the open access at The Regional Print Centre,
Yale Wrexham and I liked the setup and the friendly atmosphere and here I am embarking on a two year Professional Printmaker's course.

I do feel rather fraudulent as I am a painter and know diddly squat about printmaking at this moment in time. However, this is the fault of previous Fine Art tutors who were primarily painters and felt a day or two of lino-cutting would cover the requirements of the course. My sculptural outing was constructed in straws and thankfully just survived for assessment. That's a long time ago and the nightmares have subsided now. Hopefully, at the end of two years I will feel a confidence that has currently deserted me.

I have set up this blog really to steady my nerves and take advice from any passing stranger. I should also bear in mind the comments on a school report, "Frivolity will get you nowhere in the examination Jacqueline." How right she was.

Postscipt: October 2009 - I have been unable to continue with the Printmakers' programme for the time being but carry on painting and printmaking in the studio.


aine scannell said...

my final comment before lunch - yep my first degree introduction to printmaking sounded like yours ALTHOUGH we had a whole week to do litho, lino and etch!!!

The equipment was mostly all busted up. The technicians (of the general sort) were really sweet though and did their best to help us. Fine art courses would fall to pieces without the efforts of these magnificent people. Gawd knows what the tutors actually ever did.
Very poor technical input on a general level and way too much 'contextual studies".

So I did not train in printmaking originally either.
Give me a shout if you have printmaking questions..I have a fairly good knowledge and have tried out lots of stuff.

bye for now


This Artist's Place said...

Hi Aine

Missed this comment earlier. Thanks so much for the offer of help. I do appreciate it.

I posted a while back that I had decided not to do the Printmakers prog this year. My mother has had quite severe health probs, so I put everything on hold.

It has actually freed me up for more time in the studio and I am working away when I can - so no probs, apart from missing being with other artists to bounce off.

Agree with the terrible lack of tech skills now - there should be a way of balancing this for students' sake.

Have posted a few bits on gel printing this week - hope you manage to try it out for yourself. Like anything there are pros and cons - but another tool for the box eh?

I prob won't post much more about it now - want to get on and experiment more and some other stuff and the blog takes up so much time!

Let me know if you have any questions - happy to help