Friday, 14 November 2008

First Create Your Blog

I was going to begin my blog with an impressive post. However, I got carried away with the setup and at least the blog has a skeleton now and something to work with. It is not the setting up but the tweaking that has taken time. I have spent the day battling with Picassa to produce a slideshow of new work and it would not 'feed' for some reason. Now, if I had known what these technical terms meant earlier, it would have been very useful. Look guys, I am an artist not a nerd, (with apologies to nerds). The work showing is a mixture of print works and paintings. More about the work in another post...

I am sure the look and feel of the blog will change over time as I settle in with it and discover what it is capable of. I can see that it will be a useful promotional tool, a good way to talk to other artists and print colleagues to discuss ideas. And it is always good to have a forum to show your work - whatever stage its at. Try it out on an unsuspecting public.

A few words about the work then... The image here is called Judas Leaves. I have been working with gelatine and using some leaves from the Judas tree to make imprints. The Judas tree being the tree on which Judas Iscariot was thought to have hanged himself after betraying Jesus. I think that's the story anyway, the leaves are a lovely heart shape. There is a limited scope here, as I can't remember which walk I went on to find the tree.

The gelatine has been interesting to work with but the results have been very variable. The last batch was far too fluid and lacked any good definition. I have been using water-based inks. Like everything else in art in will be a case of trial and error and time.

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