Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Work in progress or do I have any briefs?

When real life isn't getting in the way and amongst other things...I am working in paint on canvas (100 x 70 cm). I began it earlier this year when I had not painted for a while and have been using it to throw just about anything at since. It must be on layer 6. It has had spray paint, acrylic paint, enamel, had tissue paper glued on, has been scorched and bubbled..anyway I am having fun with it amid the usual frustrations.

I have been unable to get down to printmaking this week - so whilst the aforementioned painting is settling down and I have some time to look at it and see if it will make it to layer 7 - I want to consider some ideas I have had on the boil for my print project for college.

Steffan - our Course Leader (apologies if this is not an official title but I did give it upper case initial caps), mentioned that we needed briefs. We could have several briefs or just the one. Linda our other lovely tutor (I think she belongs to us anyway) showed us her briefs to make it all easier and I am now the proud owner of my own briefs and ready to start. Good, I hope that clarifies everything you need to know. I think the project deserves a post to itself and that will give me for time to look at my briefs and think of something smart to say.

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